William A. Delaney

Bill has more than 30 years of experience working for and with members of the legislative and executive branch of state government. He represents some of the nation’s leading trade associations, corporations, unions and not-for-profit institutions. Bill is widely respected and is well-known on Beacon Hill. His clients often refer to Bill as a “retail lobbyist” because he works hard getting to know all the members, not just those currently in positions of power.

Work Experience

Bill developed his professional skills working at his (late) father’s firm, Delaney Associates. Bill left the firm to start Delaney Legislative Services, Inc., after 15 years of managing the family business.

Bill understands that most successful policy changes aren’t the result of lobbying alone, but are truly brought about through positive relationships with legislators as well as their staff. He brings to his clients a comprehensive understanding of the value of building and leveraging local grassroots support through the media and coalition development.

Bill resides in East Orleans on Cape Cod where he is an avid fly fisherman and golfer. A father of two daughters, Brooke and Darryl, he is a devoted grandfather to grandson, Ryan.

William Delaney



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