What We Do

Kearney, Donovan & McGee provides a wide range of services to ensure our clients’ success at federal, state, and local levels. We represent a variety of organizations with different business needs and tailor our services to meet a client’s particular goals and objectives.

Our practice areas include:

Government Relations and Lobbying

Using our vast network and understanding of the regulatory and legislative landscape, we build strong working relationships between our clients and decision makers at all levels of government. We always seek opportunities to advance a client’s agenda by staying engaged in the political process and effectively communicating with all relevant stakeholders.

Public Policy and Strategic Planning

Drawing upon political, legal, and business intel, we develop and implement strategies to empower our clients to meet long and short-term goals. We monitor political and public policy events, update our clients on pertinent issues, and assess any potential impact on our client’s business.


With extensive knowledge of the procurement process, we help build the relationships needed to maximize a client’s economic opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Economic Development

We help clients understand and navigate the regulatory approval process to achieve their permitting and real estate objectives. By staying engaged with community leaders and organizations, decision makers, and other stakeholders, we help to facilitate and expedite the development process for our clients.

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Community Relations and Coalition Building

Working with key government officials, business organizations, and community groups, we create a pathway of support for our clients’ public policy objectives. We identify and build strategic alliances, develop an action plan, and implement a collaborative approach to achieve the best results.